Descendants of Richard and Anne Woodyatt of Cradley

First Generation

1. Richard Woodyatt was born in 1500 in Cradley, Herefordshire, England. He was buried on 10 Dec 1559 in Cradley, Herefordshire, England.

1. The parentage for Richard as William and Cecily Woodyate is untrue and was caused by my misreading of the will for
Cecilyn Woodyn. Many others have copied this error but it is entirely unproven..
2. Richard was age 59 at bur 10 Dec 1559
3. A daughter is known to have married Thomas Tyllam who is given as
a son in law in Richard's will (it could have been Isabel which I have assumed)
4. the daughter Elizabeth is proven by the will of her husband, Thomas Mutlow, which mentioned
Richard Woodiat my wive's brother.
4. Husband was known as Richard Woodyatt, Sr. of the Nuppend, Cradley
5. Will of Richard Woodyate the elder of the Nuppend, Cradley, dated 4 Jan
1559, proved 1559; Richard my son; Issabell my daur; Alys Raxster; John
Woodyate; divided amongst all my chyldren by yeven portions; xxofer Longe;
Thomas Tyllam my son in law and Richard my son as overseers; FHL#91675
7. Others items to check.
a)look at the will of Edward Baxter of Great Malvern dated 1599 pcc, who has a wife Alice...
that could be a relative to Richard and Anne as an Alice Baxter is mentioned in the will, but there is
nothing in that will other than her name Alice.
b)PCC will of Edward Tillam of Martley dated 1608 mentions a cousin Thomas Tillam. Chek out
Martley par reg for Tillam. One might find Thomas and Isabel Tyllam.
3) I am now convinced that it is not Alys Baxster but Alys Raxster(Racster) which is surname found
frequently in the Suckly, Worcestershire, area....

Richard married Anne about 1525 in of Cradley,Herefordshire,England. Anne was born in 1504 in of Cradley, Herefordshire, England. She was buried on 19 Apr 1584 in Cradley, Herefordshire, England.

1. she was age 80 at burial in 1584.

Richard and Anne had the following children:

+ 2 M i Richard Woodyatt
  3 F ii Isabel Woodyatt was born about 1528 in of Cradley, Herefordshire, England.

Isabel is the ONLY daughter mentioned specifically in the will altho from the will one can imply that there were others. Thomas Tyllam is mentioned as a son in law and so I have paired him with Isabel.
        Isabel married Thomas Tyllam about 1550 in of Cradley,Herefordshire,England. Thomas was born about 1525 in of Cradley,Herefordshire,England.

a John Tillam is buried at Cradley 15 Dec 1614.

Families of interest:

Hugh Eysam and Mary Tillam mar 17 Feb 1613 Bishops Frome

Harry Tyllam and Elizabeth
Margery Tyllam chr 9 mar 1607 Bishops Frome

Richard Tyllam and Margaret
Mary Tyllam chr 25 mar 1596 Bishops Frome
Johan Tyllam chr 7 may 1600 Bishops Frome
Elizabeth Tyllam chr 17 jan 1601 Bishops Frome
Alles Tyllam chr 10 apr 1604 Bishops Frome

Thomas Nicholas and Joan Tillam mar 12 oct 1608 Ullingwick

John Tyllam and Anna
Jacobus Tyllam chr 23 may 1602 Cradley
Alicia Tyllam chr 1 jan/feb 1609 Cradley
Richard Tyllam chr 2 may 1613 Cradley

Thomas Parkes and Alles Tyllam mar 2 feb 1596 Bishops Frome

Richard Tyllam and Margaret Rudge mar 29 apr 1594 Weston u Penyard
+ 4 F iii Elizabeth Woodyatt

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