Descendants of Richard and Anne Woodyatt of Cradley

Twelfth Generation


698. Ernest Henry Morse (Mary Martha Baker , Mary Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in 1868 in Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England. He died on 2 Jun 1954 in Wangaretta Hospital,Wangaretta,Victoria,Australia.

Ernest married Maria Johanna Catherine Martin daughter of William John Martin and Susan Howell on 19 Oct 1898 in FitzRoy, Victoria, Australia. Maria was born on 29 Jul 1879 in Buckland, Victoria, Australia. She died on 13 Jun 1959 in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.

They had the following children:

  1091 M i Ernest Charles Morse was born on 20 Jul 1899 in Eurobin, Victoria, Australia. He died on 7 Jul 1922 in , New South Wales, Australia.
+ 1092 M ii Albert Randolf Morse
+ 1093 M iii Rupert Keith Morse
+ 1094 M iv Wilfred Leslie Morse
  1095 M v Fredrick Clyde Morse was born on 14 Jan 1908 in Eurobin, Victoria, Australia. He died on 22 Dec 1922 in Millawa,Victoria,Australia. He was buried in Milawa, Victoria, Australia.
+ 1096 F vi Kathleen Mary Morse
  1097 M vii Leonard Jack Morse

700. William Keysall Bradford (Mary Elizabeth Keysall , Penelope Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born on 4 Jul 1847 in Kempsford,Gloucestershire,England. He was christened on 18 Aug 1847 in Kempsford,Gloucestershire,England. He died in 1910 in Cape,South Africa. William was employed as police constable.

free bmd, Births, Sep Qtr 1847, William Keysall Bradford, Circencester, 11, 230
1861 census--- student in school
1871 census-Kempsford, Gloucestershire St Mary's Parish-- William K Bradford aged 23 years
Death certificate South Africa --naming wife and children
Occupation: Secretary to Kimberley Div. Council

William married Lora Haddock in ,,South Africa. Lora was born in Dec 1872 in Sunderland,Durham,England.

They had the following children:

  1098 M i George William Bathurst Bradford was born in 1895 in ,,South Africa. He died on 4 Feb 1917 in ,,France.

George William Bathurst Bradford---1st Sth African Infantry--Royal Flying Corps---son of Mrs L
Bradford of 32 Park Rd Kimberley Sth Africa-- No 3901- 2nd lieut. 15th Squadron Killed in action 4th
WILL--George William Bradford of 32 Park Rd, Kimberley South Africa, second lieutenant R F C,
who died 4/2/1917 in France or Belgium- (admin with will limited) London 27 May.
To Charles Cyril Bradford gentleman the attorney for Lora. Bradford Effects £171/16/4
  1099 M ii Major Francis Keysall Bradford was born in 1896. He died on 24 Feb 1942 in ,, Burma. He was buried in Rangoon Memorial Myanamar,Taukkyan War Cemetery, Yangon(formerly Rangoon),Burma. Francis was employed as Major,108/IA,3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Ghurka Rifles.

Died in WWII in Burma

Source--Margaret Morse in Victoria, Australia,
In Memory of FRANCIS KEYSALL BRADFORD Major 108/IA 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifleswho died on Tuesday 24 February 1942 . Age 46 .
Additional Information: Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Bradford; husband of A. L. Bradford, of Mooi River, Natal, South Africa.
Grave or Reference Panel Number: Face 58.
Location: The Rangoon Memorial is situated in Taukkyan War Cemetery, which is outside Yangon (formerly Rangoon), near the airport and immediately adjoining the village of Taukkyan. It is on PY1 road (formerly Prome Road), about 35 kilometres north of the city from which it is easily accessible.
Historical Information: The RANGOON MEMORIAL bears the names of almost 27,000 men of the Commonwealth land forces who died during the campaigns in Burma (now Myanmar) and who have no known grave. The memorial stands in TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY, which is the largest of the three war cemeteries in Burma. It was begun in 1951 for the reception of graves from four battlefield cemeteries at Akyab, Mandalay, Meiktila and Sahmaw which were difficult to access and could not be maintained. The last was an original 'Chindit' cemetery containing many of those who died in the battle for Myitkyina. The graves have been grouped together at Taukkyan to preserve the individuality of these battlefield cemeteries Burials were also transferred from civil and cantonment cemeteries, and from a number of isolated jungle and roadside sites. Because of prolonged post-war unrest, considerable delay occurred before the Army Graves Service were able to complete their work, and in the meantime many such graves had disappeared. However, when the task was resumed, several hundred more graves were retrieved from scattered positions throughout the country and brought together here. The cemetery now contains 6,374 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 867 of them unidentified. In the 1950s, the graves of 52 Commonwealth servicemen of the First World War were brought into the cemetery from the following cemeteries where permanent maintenance was not possible: Henzada (1); Meiktila Cantonment (8); Thayetmyo New (5); Thamakan (4); Mandalay Military (12) and Maymyo Cantonment (22). Taukkyan War Cemetery also contains: The TAUKKYAN CREMATION MEMORIAL commemorating more than 1,000 Second World War casualties whose remains were cremated in accordance with their faith. The TAUKKYAN MEMORIAL which commemorates 45 servicemen of both wars who died and were buried elsewhere in Burma but whose graves could not be maintained.
Display Record of Commemoration <>
©2000-2002 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. All Rights

The Times-7/4/1927--
BRADFORD AND MISS LLOYD. The engagement is announced between Captain Francis Keysall
Bradford, 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own (Gurkha Rifles, son of the late Mr. W. K. Bradford and ,Mrs.
Bradford, of Kimberley, South Africa, and Annette Lena Lloyd, only child of Brigadier-General H. G
Lloyd, C.M.O., D.S.0., late R.F.A., and Mrs. Lloyd, of Mooi River, Natal
        Francis married Annette Lena Lloyd daughter of H.G. Lloyd about 1927 in Mooirivier,Natal,South Africa. Annette was born in 1904 in Elham,Kent,England.
  1100 F iii Lora Mary Bradford was born in 1898 in ,,South Africa.
  1101 M iv James Edward Stratton Bradford was born in 1900 in ,,South Africa. He died in 1955 in ,,South Africa.
  1102 M v Reverend John Woodyatt Maurice Bradford was born on 5 Jul 1904 in ,,South Africa. He died on 24 Apr 1977 in Ladybrand,Souith Africa.

He was single..

701. Charles Bathurst Bradford (Mary Elizabeth Keysall , Penelope Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Jun 1849 in Rushall,Wiltshire,England. He died on 25 Oct 1947 in Wahroonga,Chatswood,New South Wales,Australia.

1861 census---student in school
Charles and family arrived Sydney on the "Cuzoo" 1879 stayed at the Petty's Hotel==
Breach of promise-----
At the York assizes on Monday, before Baron Cleasby, a breach of promise case, Hawkes V.S Bradford
was disposed of .
Mr. Price Q.C. and Mr. Sewers were for the plaintiff and Mr Seymore Q.C. was for the defendant. Miss
Harriet Jane Hawkes the daughter of Mr. Hawkes of the White Hart Hotel was the plaintiff and Mr.
Charles Bradford , a clerk in the Bank of England at Hull was the defendant.. The action was for breach of
promise of marriage and the case was partially tried on Saturday. Its hearing was adjourned in consequence
of the plaintiff fainting in the witness box at the opening of the court.
Charles promised to marry Harriett then his mother got involved and said that her friends would NEVER
accept someone like Harriett. So Charles backed out and Harriett took him to court. Charles had to pay
Harriett £180--. This appeared in August 1872 in various English newspapers. Then, as we know, Charles
married Harriett. I assumed that Charles went to Australia to get away from his mother.
Brisbane Courier December 8 1879
ANY person knowing the whereabouts of
who left England per steamer Cuzco on the 27th
of March last, and were since known to reside at
Petty's Hotel, Sydney, will kindly communicate
any information, 140 Southampton-row, Russell
square, Loudon. _ 7226
1930 Electoral roll NSW-- Prymble 57 Merrivale Road Charles Bathurst Bradford retired also at that
address was Alice Louise home duties
1936 Roll--57 Merrivale Rd Pymble Charles Bathurst Bradford retired--on own
Age at death (Facts Pg): 99 years
Marriage: 1872, St Giles, London, Middlesex, England
1930 Electoral roll NSW-- Prymble 57 Merrivale Road Charles Bathurst Bradford retired also at that
address was Alice Louise home duties
1936 Roll--57 Merrivale Rd Prymble Charles Bathurst Bradford retired--on own
Will--- died 25/10/1947--Probate 334869
Road, Prymble, in the State of New South Wales, Retired Public Servant
1 APPOINT my son in law Percie Chater CharIton and. my brother, Walter Shrine Bradford (hereinafter
called "Trustees") Executors and Trustees of my, Will.
I BEQUEATH my watch and chain and my links with crest to my grandson, Noel A Charlton
I BEQUEATH my plain 1 Links and my plain gold studs to my grandson, Leo CharIton.
I BEQUEATH W old china, portraits, Indian boxes, my table silver the three clocks at present at my said
residence in the S~ front room and kitchen respectively to my daughter, Florence CharIton.
I BEQUEATH twenty five pounds to Mrs. Florence Cropper of...Warrawee. (to buy a memento)
I BEQUEATH my signet ring to my brother, George Bradford, at present residing in New Zealand
1BEQUEATH my opal pin -------xxxxxxxx
I BEQUEATH my red stone pin to xxxxxx
I BEQUEATH my short gold chain to my grand son Leo
1 BEQUEATH my Dressing case xxxxxxxxxx
Witnesses Charles Bathurst Bradford
S Purcell
Tom Purcell
At the side –My brother having died 9th September 1932 I wish my daughter to take his place as Exec.
With my son in law
Page 2—
I BEQUEATH my bedroom clock to Mrs. William Prymble (opposite residence)
I BEQUEATH my flute (all my Flutes) to B W Garside with xxxxxxx book
I BEQUEATH orchestral music to E W Garside—Rockatro’s Book ---(A History of Music) crossed out
I BEQUEATH my Metro none to Mrs Giblin
I BEQUEATH my dictionaries comprising German, Spanish, French, Italian and Lempriere Classical
dictionary to Lloyd Cropper
I BEQUEATH my Medicos Flute journal (9 volumes) to my friend E W Garside (many words changed
I BEQUEATH my mangle to Mrs Salter of Bannockburn Rd Prymble
I BEQUEATH my musical Educator comprising five volumes to Mrs Giblin.
I BEQUEATH my pea rifle to my friend Ted Johnson
I BEQUEATH my Aneroid barometer to PC Charlton (lots over writing)
I BEQUEATH all carpentering tools to my daughter
Signed and witnessed
Page 3---
I BEQUEATH my garden tools to my son in law Percie Chater Charlton
I devise and bequeath all my real estate and personal estate not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my
trustees UPON TRUST that my trustees shall sell, call in and convert into money the same or such part
thereof as shall not consist of money and shall with and out of the moneys produced by such sale call in and
convert and with and out of such money pay my funeral and testimony expenses
And debts and legacies bequeathed by this my will and my codicil here and SHALL stand processed of the
said residuary trust moneys UPON TRUST to pay there out the following sums—
To my son in law Percie Chater Charlton one Hundred pounds
To my daughter Florence H D Charlton one hundred pounds
To my grandson Noel Charlton, one hundred pounds to my grandson Leo Charlton one hundred pounds
To my sister in law Laura Bradford 25 pounds
To my brother George twenty five pounds
To my niece Edith Bradford daughter of George Bradford fifty pounds crossed out
To my nephew Jack Bradford eldest son of Walter Bradford fifty pounds
To Mrs W Pymble opposite five pounds to buy a keepsake
And I DIRECT my trustees to pay the balance of my said moneys to my said brother Walter Shrine
Bradford for his own use and benefit absolutely
AND I DECLARE that my trustees may postpone the sale and conversion of my real and personal estate as
long as they think fit and the rents profits etc shall to the persons in manner and proportions as said----
AND I DECLARE that all legacies and bequests given by me by this will are given free from all probate/
estate duties
Of any nature whatsoever etc---
I REVOKE all former wills and testimony dispositions at any time heretofore made by me AND
DECLARE this to be my last will and testament
ON WITNESS whereof I hereto set my hand to this will this 28th day December 1923
Signed by the testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same
time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names
as witnesses
E M Purcell Pymble
Tom Purcell
Clerk to P J Purcell & M MacCarthy, Sydney
Age at death (Facts Pg): 99 years
Occupation: Public Servant

Charles married Harriet Jane Hawkes daughter of Warren Hawkes and Elizabeth in Dec 1872 in St. Giles district,London,England. Harriet was born about 1853 in ,,England. She died in 1923 in Mervivale Road,Pymble,Sydney,New South Wales,Australia.

Breach of Promise
At the York assizes on Monday Baron Cleasby resumed the trial of an action for breach of promise of
marriage which was brought by Miss Harriet Hawkes aged 19 the daughter of the proprietor of the White
Hart Hotel Hull , against Mr Charles Bradford aged 23, a clerk in the hull branch of the bank of England
The acquaintanceship sprung up at the bar of the White Hart Hotel In December last Then the defendant
desired to have a more intimate acquaintanceship with her) and to, take her for a walk Which the mother of
the plaintiff declined The defendant shortly after spoke in more pronounced way and on, the 25th. of
February he bad some conversation with the plaintiff’s mother who very properly said she could not allow
of anything like an intimacy to arise and to be carried on between them except with his mother's consent
The latter is a widow of a clergyman now residing Marlborough After this interview the defendant wrote
Mrs Hawkes a note , which he said he had reflected well, and be sure he should not regret gaining such a
wife as her daughter and that his mother would be as proud of her as he. It went On to say that he would
name the matter to his mother when he shortly after went over to Marlborough on a visit. Thence he wrote
to the plaintiff on March 2, styling her his "darling Harry" and stating that had he not received the
plaintiff’s letter so early as he ought because he and his ,mother had been visiting he added “ my pet, you
will think this a selfish letter if I tell you all about myself, I will tell you what is most upon my life—
namely, the though of the happiness of having your own dear self down here before I leave to return to
Hull. so I will not tell you what is most upon my life. I enclose an invitation from my mother to that effect
Come, my darling don t refuse on any account" He wound up by saying that he did not know how the
Plaintive wardrobe might be ; but he could spare a fiver " and subscribing himself " Charlie." With this
letter was also enclosed one. from the Mother of the, defendant to Miss Hawkes in which she stated the
interest she felt in the acquaintance between her and Charley that she wanted to learn to like her as a
daughter asking her to come up to see her, To this Miss Hawkes replied that she should consider it an
insult if the defendant sent money, and stated that at the time she could not visit. Mrs Bradford. Plaintiff
wrote again, stating that her father was likely to enter upon some business at -------------
Antwerp and that she should look out for a situation such as companion to a lady He replied by advising
her not to go to Antwerp on any account he could not live without her and if she went, he should throw up
his appointment at the bank and follow her, and live as best he could. Shortly after this defendant returned
to Hull, and the next correspondence was from his mother, in which she informed the plaintiff that she
looked upon her not, having come to see her
As a visit deferred,She also asked for a photograph of the face Charlie loved so well and spoke of their
engagement to marry.The defendant return was on a the 15th March when he asked if she would object, to
going into lodgings to which she replied she h "no objection . At that time he told her that he had a sum of
500l, which he bad received as a legacy and 1,000 contingent on the death of his mother, so that 'It they
Went, into lodgings he Would have sufficient to support her. Directly afterwards the engagement was
broken off, and a letter was read from Mrs. Bradford which had been addressed to the plaintiff explaining
the reason. The letter said it would he improper and imprudent to marry at present, and that, the
engagement must be put an end to giving as a reason the difference of birth and station On this account
the mo t h e r said her son never could be happy, her friends were high, in society and would not have
acknowledged her son after such a marriage She was advised to the tack of forgetting him as quickly as
possible. The defendant admitted to the mother of plaintiff that such a letter was a gross insult he still
persisted saying that he would marry the plaintiff ; but the plaintiff considering the matter at an end,
consulted a solicitor, who wrote to the defendant The latter thereupon went to the plaintiff with a document,
which he induced her to sign on the persuasion that it would make no differences to her, and which was to
the effect that the action which had been instituted was without her consent . Afterwards, however he
proposed to marry her. The plaintiff was, was put in the witness box, and after giving evidence in support
of the above statement for some time, she swooned and had to be removed from court.
At the YORK assizes on Monday, before Baron Cleasby a. breach of promise case, Hawkes V. Bradford,
was disposed of
Mr. Price Q.C., and Mr. Sewers were for the plaintiff
and Mr. Seymour Q.C., for the defendant, Miss Harriet¬ Jane Hawkes, the daughter of Mr. Hawkes, of the
Hart Hotel the plaintiff, and Mr. Charles Brad¬ford, a clerk in the branch of the Bank of. England at Hull,
Was the defendant The action was for breach of promises of marriage, and the case was particularly tried
on Saturday. Its hearing was adjourned in consequence of the plaintiff fainting in the witness box, and at
the opening of the court yesterday (Monday) morning the plaintiff was called into the box, but before any
questions could be asked Mr. Baron Cleasby put it to the counsel on either side whether the matter could
not be settled without exposing the young lady to the chance of the recurrence of a similar circumstances
to that which occurred on Saturday. . The matter was in such a State that really something might be done to
dispose of the case he meant that not a word had been said that really reflected on either side.
Mr. Seymour asked his Lordship if he would speak with him and Mr. Price in his Lordship's Private room.
His Lordship intimated that he would have no objection.
The three, thereupon retired, and on returning into Court his Lordship addressing the jury said the Parties in
the action had, with his sanction and to a certain extent by his advice, entered into an arrangement in
reference to the case which lie thought ought to be satisfactory to both parties. There ought to be a
disposition on the part of the defendant to make some reparation to the plaintiff and a disposition on the
part of the plaintiff to accept that which was reasonable without making the matter a ruinous one to the
defendant. Under these circumstances it had been arranged to give the plaintiff damages to the amount of
£.180, which was the full amount of one year's; salary of the defendant
The Jury therefore returned a verdict for the plaintiff;
Mr. Seymour said there was one statement which he thought it proper to make. The young lady left that
court without any reflection upon her propriety, and entirely without a stain. There had been no loss of self respect
on one side or the other.
M r. Price also added that there appeared to be no evidence that the plaintiff had tried to thrust herself upon
the defendant.
Harriet Jane later married Charles Bradford -- she and the child trasvelled to Australia on the same ship as
James edward Bradford and Edmund George Benson the CUZCO arrioving in NSW 1879--Inn her
deposition re the will of james Edward Bradford her husband Charles Bathurst Bradford was still in England
In the Supreme Court
Of New South Wales
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the will of James Edward Bradford
late of Plymouth in the County of Devonshire
On the twenty seventh day of may in the year one thousand Eight hundred and seventy nine Harriet Jane
Bradford of Sydney in the colony of New South Wales, being duly sworn maketh oath and sadist as
1---- I am the wife of Charles Bathurst Bradford of London Gentleman the brother of the above named
2I believe the annexed hereto marked with letter A to be the last will and testament of the said James
Edward Bradford deceased .
3.I am well acquainted with the signature of the said James Edward Bradford and believe the signature
James Edward Bradford” subscribed to the said annexed hereto to be his own proper handwriting
4. I am well acquainted with Rendle Sidney Wills and R H Hughes the attesting witnesses to the
said will and believe the respective signatures “Rendle Sidney Wills and “ R A Hughes” subscribed thereto
to be the proper handwriting of the said Rendle Sidney Wills and R A Hughes respectively
Sworn by the deponent on the day first above mentioned at Sydney Reference
Signed ******
Commissioner for affidavit Harriet Jane Bradford
I found an entry in the St John's Anglican Church Gordon Cemetery & Columbarium compiled by Jill
Lyons in 1994
Bradford, Harriet Jane age 70 death 1923 Mervivale Road, Pymble.[Wife /of
Charles Bathurst Bradford.]
Age at death (Facts Pg): 70 years
Burial: St John"Church Cemetery, Gordon, Sydney
Reg Number: Death 17678

Charles and Harriet had the following children:

+ 1103 F i Florence Harriet Benson Bradford

702. George Benson Bradford (Mary Elizabeth Keysall , Penelope Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Jun 1851 in Rushall,Wiltshire,England. He died in 1949 in Gisborne,Auckland,New Zealand.

1. went to Australia
George B Bradford Royal Dane 1869 - London , England 25 Sep.1869 Brisbane , Australia
1892 Electoral Roll George Benson Bradford No 4083 Electorate Rangitikei--Residential-- occupation
Coach proprietor
Age at death (Facts Pg): 98 years

George married Isabella Esther Parr in 1883 in ,,New Zealand. Isabella was born in 1862 in Newbury,Berkshire,England. She died in 1920 in ,,New Zealand. She was buried on 5 Jun 1920 in Feilding Cemetery,North Island,New Zealand.

1893 Electoral roll Isabells Esther No 4084--Rangitikei--Residential address Feilding
house wife--
Age at death (Facts Pg): 57 years
Burial: 05 Jun 1920, Feilding Cemetery, NZ
Reg Number: Death 11830

George and Isabella had the following children:

  1104 F i Edith Mary Bradford was born in 1884 in ,,New Zealand. She died on 23 Jul 1977 in Feilding,North Island,New Zealand. She was buried on 25 Jul 1977 in Feilding Cemetery,North Island,New Zealand.

Edith Mary never married and worked in the telephone exchange in the Cook Islands for many years.
She then retired to Havelock North . She was well-read and interested in art and culture (as was
Florence.) She spent her last few years living with Florence at Wainui.
Buried Feilding cemetery
Block3 Row 5 Plot number 97 interment ID 754
Age at death (Facts Pg): 92 years
Burial: 25 Jul 1977, Feilding Cemetery--Nth Island
  1105 M ii William Benson Bradford was born in 1885 in ,,New Zealand.

WW1 NZ Index--William Bradford nominal roll Vol1 Regiment No 12/7021 Private- Single-Auckland
Infantry. Next of kin, father at 218 Clifford St. Whataupoko, Gisborne
        William married Annie Ellen Fulcher in 1919. Annie was born in 1897. She died in 1920 in ,,New Zealand.

She died age 23 years old.
  1106 M iii George Parr Bradford was born in 1887 in ,,New Zealand. He died in 1893 in ,,New Zealand. He was buried on 7 Aug 1893 in Feilding Cemetery,North Island,New Zealand.
  1107 F iv Isabella Esther Bradford was born in 1889 in ,,New Zealand. She died in 1893 in ,,New Zealand. She was buried in Feilding Cemetery,North Island,New Zealand.
+ 1108 F v Florence Penelope Bradford
  1109 M vi James Walter Bradford was born in 1893 in ,,New Zealand. He died in 1893 in ,,New Zealand. He was buried on 28 Sep 1893 in Feilding Cemetery,North Island,New Zealand.
  1110 F vii Rose Mabel Bradford was born in 1894. She died in ,,New Zealand.
        Rose married James Michael Callahan in 1924 in ,,New Zealand. James was born about 1890 in ,,New Zealand.
+ 1111 M viii Edmund Wilfred Bradford
  1112 F ix Irene Valentina Bradford was born in 1899 in ,,New Zealand. She died in ,,New Zealand.
        Irene married Thomas Bethridge Topp. Thomas was born on 15 Jun 1878 in Kopuku,Auckland,New Zealand.
+ 1113 M x Colin Keysall Bradford

705. Walter Skrine Bradford (Mary Elizabeth Keysall , Penelope Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Dec 1859 in Rushall,Wiltshire,England. He died on 9 Sep 1932 in Dubbo,New South Wales,Australia.

1871 census--Walter Bradford abt 1860 Wimbledon, Surrey, England Pupil Mitcham Surrey
1891 Sands Directory--Walter S Bradford --Western Rd.Parramatta,NSW
Walter Skrine Bradford
Born 1860 Rushall , Wiltshire , England
Died 1932 Dubbo , New South Wales , Australia death reg 12867
Married 1890 Sydney , New South Wales , Australia--NSW BDM Index
Ethel Waldren Batt--Born 1864
Died 29 December 1927 Artarmon , Sydney , New South Wales , Australia--NSW BDM Index
Buried 30 December 1927 Gore Hill Cem., Sydney , New South Wales , Australia
Daughter of Edmund B Batt & Kathleen
Number 60146-Pte Walter S Bradford-Machine gun Corps--British army Medal Roll -
Will ---Chatswood 9/9/1932 Probate 191364 4th series
This is the last Will and Testament of me Walter Shrine Bradford of Sydney in the state of New South
Wales-- property Auctioneer. I appoint my wife Ether Waldron Bradford and my son Jack Compton
Bradford and my son in law Leonard Upward to be trustees of this my will
Walter Skrine Bradford died 9 Sept 1932 aged 73yrs,widower late of Chatswood,.
Executors were Jack Compton Bradford of 4 Mea Street, Chatswood ,Dry Cleaner
and Leonard Upward of 32 Springdale Rd ,Killara, Bond Warehouse Keeper,
I BEQUEATH the following specific legacies
a--To my son Jack Compton Bradford my gold watch and chain
b--To my son Harold Paterson Bradford my gold signet ring and silver watch box and sovereign purse
c--To my daughter Gladys Keysall Upward any article of my personal effects( not herein already
mentioned in remembrance of me.
d—As to all my real estate and the rest and residue of my personal estate I devise and bequeath to my
said wife for her own absolute benefit and in the event of my said wife dying before me -------------
missing line
trust to sell convert into money any part thereof that shall be saleable or convertible nature whatsoever
upon trust for my said children or such of them that be still living in equal shares
and in case any of my said children should die in my lifetime the child or children who shall survive me
being a son or sons or daughter shall attain the age of 21 years(if more than one equally between them)
I declare that my said trustees may postpone the sale or conversion of any part of my real and personal
estate for such period as they may in their absolute direction deem fit to do not with standing that it may be
of a speculative nature-----
In witness whereof I the said Walter Shrine Bradford have to this my will set my hand this 21st day 1917.
Signed Walter Shrine Bradford
Signed by the above named Walter Shrine Bradford in the presence of us both present at his request and in
his presence and sight and presence of each other have hereto set our names as attesting witnesses
J xxxmon Solicitor-- F Law - clerk to solicitor
Estate value£57.9.0
Includes £5.5.0 shares in Austral Tobacco Pipe Co
£15 worth of jewellery=old gold watch£10,2 gold watch chains, one old sovereign case £1.10.0
£20 purchase money of interest in land at Pittwater.
£14.4.0 of other personal property=4 miniature pictures £8,one watercolour £2 Old Age Pension £4.4.0----
Wife Ethel Waldron Bradford had been a executor but died 29 Dec 1927.
Down the side of the page—
1--This is the document produced and shown to Jack Compton Bradford and Leonard Upward at the time
of sworn their joint affidavit this fifth day of September 1933 before me James Stevenson
2--This is the document marked a referred to by the affidavit of John Walter Stevenson and hereto sworn
on then eleventh day September 1933---Signed W W Coulson
Age at death (Facts Pg): 73 years
Burial: Gore Hill cemetery, NSW
Occupation: property Auctioneer
death ,reg no 678--lived in Australia 48 years
Details of her death Aged 63yrs
Father Edmund Batt,occup Real Estate Mother Kathleen Cumpton
Informant son H P Bradford,40 Broughton Road,Artarmon
Buried 30 Dec 1927 Church of England Cemetery ,Gore Hill
Born Manchester England 48 years in NSW
Married Sydney at age 26yrs to Walter Skrine Bradford.
Children Gladys K,36 yrs, Jack C 33years,Harold P aged 31yrs.None deceased.
Age at death (Facts Pg): 63 years
Burial: 30 Dec 1927, Gore Hill Cem., Sydney , New South Wales
Marriage Notes for WALTER BRADFORD and ETHEL BATT:
aged 26 years at time of marriage

Walter married Ethel Waldren Batt daughter of Edmund B. Batt and Kathleen Compton in 1890 in Sydney,New South Wales,Australia. Ethel was born in 1864 in Manchester,Lancashire,England. She died on 29 Dec 1927 in Artarmon,Sydney,New South Wales,Australia. She was buried on 30 Dec 1927 in Gore Hill Cemetery,Saint Leonards,Sydney,New South Wales,Australia.

They had the following children:

+ 1114 F i Gladys Keysall Bradford
+ 1115 M ii Jack Compton Bradford
+ 1116 M iii Harold Paterson Bradford

706. Elizabeth Eleanor Hastings (Constance Penelope Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was christened on 24 Oct 1854 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England.

Elizabeth married Edward Wynell Mayow Lloyd on 31 Dec 1879. Edward was born on 19 Mar 1845 in Benares(now Varanasi),Uttar Pradesh,India. He died on 27 Sep 1928 in Hartford Bridge,Hampshire,England.

1891 census, Hartley Wintney,Hampshire,England
Household Members:
Name Age
Edward W M Lloyd 46 head East Indies master of a preparatory boy school, M.A. teacher of classes
Eleanor E Lloyd 36 wife Areley Kings,Worcs
John H Lloyd 9 son Marylebon
Arthur W Lloyd 8 son Hartley Wintney
Catherine C Lloyd 6 dau do
Charles H A Lloyd 4 son do
Edward M H Lloyd 1 son do
Edward D Girdlestone 6 rest are teaches adn students.

1901 census, Hartley Wintney,Hampshire
Edward Wynell Maynon Lloyd Head M 56 India
Eleanor Elizabeth Lloyd Wife F 46 Aveley King'S, Worcestershire
Charles H A Lloyd Son M 14 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Edward M H Lloyd Son M 11 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Eleanor M Lloyd Daughter F 9 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Gladys M Lloyd Daughter F 7 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Wynell H Lloyd Son M 6 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Robert A H Lloyd Son M 1 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Agnes L C Vawdrey Sister-In-Law F 44 Aveley King'S, Worcestershire

Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1117 M i Reverend John Hastings Lloyd M.A. was born on 11 Oct 1881 in Marylebone,London,England. He was christened on 2 Nov 1881 in St. Marylebone,All Souls,Westminster,London,England. He died on 2 Oct 1958 in Ronkswood Hospital,Worcester,Worcestershire,England.

the reverend John Hastings Lloyd of The Rectory martley Worcestershire clerk died 2 Oct 1968 at Ronkswood Hospital,Worcester Probate llandaff 6 Apr to Kathleen Savell Lloyd widow effects 5744 lbs 12s 3d
        John married Kathleen Savell. Kathleen was born on 18 Apr 1911. She died on 10 Dec 1989 in of Ivy Cottage, Martley,Worcestershire,England.

kathleen Sevell Lloyd of Ivy Cott Martley Here & Worc died 10 Dec 1989 Probate Llandaff 17 May 1990 175100 lbs 9080701520E
  1118 M ii Arthur Wynell Lloyd was born on 4 Apr 1883 in Hartley Wintney,Hampshire,England.
  1119 F iii Katherine Constance Lloyd was born on 10 Nov 1884. She died on 18 Oct 1974 in of Ticehurst House,Ticehurst,Wadhurst,Sussex,England.

Katharine Constance Lloyd of Ticehurst House,Ticehust,Wadhurst Sussex died 18 Oct 1974 Probate London 11 De 1974 24500 lbs 740137742E
  1120 M iv Charles Hastings Armitage Lloyd R.N. was born on 12 Jan 1887 in Hartley Whitney district,Hampshire,England. He died on 25 Jul 1902 in Dartmouth College,Dartmouth,Devonshire,England.
  1121 M v Edward Mayow Hastings Lloyd was born in Mar 1890 in Hartley Whitney district,Hampshire,England. He died in 1979 in ,,England.
        Edward married Margaret Frances Russell daughter of Hon. Francis Albert Rollo Russell and Gertrude Ellen Cornelia Joachim on 18 Dec 1918 in St. George Hanover Square,London,Middlesex,England. Margaret was born on 15 May 1894.
  1122 F vi Eleanor Margaret Lloyd was born on 3 Jan 1892 in Hartley Wintney,Hampshire,England.
  1123 F vii Gladys Mary Lloyd was born on 15 Jul 1893 in Hartley Wintney,Hampshire,England.
  1124 M viii Wynell Hastings Lloyd was born in Mar 1895 in Hartley Whitney district,Hampshire,England. He died on 17 Apr 1918 in France. He was buried in Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension, Grave Reference II.F.4..

The Field General courts-martial of Sapper Robert Bell took place on 4 May 1918. Sapper Bell was charged with the murder of 2nd Lieutenant Wynell Hastings Lloyd (123 Field Company, Royal Engineers) on 17 April 1918.
President: Major R.D. Williams (Welsh Regiment).
Members: Major F.R.H. McLellan (Royal Welsh Fusiliers).
Captain D.C.R. Stuart (Border Regiment).
2/Lt. E.H. Evans (Royal Welsh Fusiliers).
Prosecutor: Major J.C.I. Wood (Royal Engineers).
Friend: Lieutenant Meeson (38th MGC).
285582 Sapper E.R. Pears (123rd Field Company) stated that on parade at about 4pm on 17 April 1918 the order was given for the inspection of arms, ammunition and gas masks. Immediately Lieutenant Lloyd came on parade he spoke to the accused mentioning the word "putties". The accused then walked off parade. Sapper Pears then heard a shot and saw Lloyd on the ground. Just after the examination of the emergency rations Sapper Pears saw a muzzle of a rifle sticking out of the trench in front of him, and to his right.
These details concerning the positions of Lloyd, the parade and the spot where Lloyd fell were confirmed by the next witness 146629 L/Cpl Hordish (123rd Field Company).
62629 Corporal R. Prior (123rd Field Company) stated that when Lieutenant Lloyd came on parade he noticed that the accused was not wearing his putties. I brought the accused out in front of the parade, and Lloyd asked him why he was not wearing his putties. Bell said that they hurt his legs. Lloyd dismissed him and told him to go and put his putties on. While inspecting the rear of the two ranks, Lloyd was shot and fell to the ground. I could only see the accused in the trench. The rifle was rested two yards away from the accused.
4218 CSM Foster (123rd Field Company) confirmed the observations made by the previous witnesses. Foster said that Bell told him "When I set out to accomplish a thing, I do it, there it is. I have done the section a good turn. You'll think of Bob Bell in years to come." He added that he was not aware of any ill feeling between Lieutenant Lloyd and the accused. These details were confirmed by the next witness: 82567 Sergeant W.R. Ferris (123rd Field Company).
Captain J.B. Gold RAMC examined the body of a dead officer. He had been shot in the forehead. As the officer was already dead, Captain Gold only gave a brief examination. Major Wood RE was present during the examination.
The accused made a statement not on oath (He could have decided to say nothing, make a statement or make a statement under oath). The accused stated that he slipped when getting out of the trench to rejoin the parade, after failing to find his putties. His rifle flew forward and exploded. He had forgotten to remove the round placed in the barrel earlier in the day, when he went hunting for hare or partridge.
140368 Sapper W.E. Shortt (123rd Field Company) stated that the accused was a good shot and had shot game before, especially rabbits.
Sapper Robert Bell was found guilty of the murder of Lieutenant Lloyd, contrary to the Army Act (section 41).
The accused had two previous convictions read to the court.
Date Offence Punishment.
1 March 1916 AWOL (16:30 - 01:00) 3 days pay and placed at the end of the leave rosta.
16 April 1916 Drunk in billet Admonished on 29 May 1916
In mitigation it was stated that the accused was 29 years' old. He had enlisted on 9 January 1915, and been in France since December 1915.
Sapper Robert Bell was sentenced to death by shooting with no recommendation for mercy. He was shot at 4.12 am on 22 May 1918. Sapper Bell was the last Royal Engineer to be executed during World War One.
Sapper Bell is buried in Toutencourt Communal Cemetery, Grave Reference 2.A.9.
Second Lieutenant Lloyd is buried in Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension, Grave Reference II.F.4.
  1125 M ix Robert Aubrey Hastings Lloyd was born on 26 Oct 1899. He died on 14 Oct 1918 in ,,France.

Name: LLOYD, ROBERT AUBREY HASTINGS Initials: R A H Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Second Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Unit Text: 85th Sqdn. Age: 18 Date of Death: 14/10/1918 Additional information: Son of E. Wynell M. and Eleanor E. Lloyd, of Hartford House, Hartley Wintney, Hants

707. Agnes Louisa Caroline Hastings (Constance Penelope Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was christened on 27 Jul 1856 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. She died on 20 Dec 1938 in of Plas Gwynant,Carnarvonshire,Wales.

Agnes Louise Caroline Vawdrey of Plas Gwynant Carnarvon widow died 20 Dec 1938 Probate London 18 Apr 1938 to Daniel Llewellyn Vawdrey schoolmaster,Ralph Hastings Vawdrey farmer and Constance Mary Burton wife of reverend Harold John Chandos Burton clerk. Effects 1783 lbs 17s 9d

Agnes married Reverend Daniel Vawdrey in Sep 1880 in Martley,Worcestershire,England. Daniel was born in 1852 in Middlewich,Cheshire,England. He was christened on 4 May 1852 in Middlewich,Cheshire,England. He died on 8 Jan 1934 in of Plas Gwynant,Carnarvonshire,Wales.

the reverend Daniel Vawdrew of Plas Gwynant Carnarvonshire clerk died 8 Jan 1934 Probate London 24 Apr 1934 to Agnes Louisa Caroline Vawdrey widow, Daniel Llewelyn Vawdrey shoolmaster and Ral Hastings Vawdrey farmer Effects 19561 lbs 3s 6d

1891 census, Areley Kings
Daniel Vawdrey 39
Agnes L C Vawdrey 34
Constance M Vawdrey 8
Theodosia Vawdrey 6
Eleanor Vawdrey 3
Agnes J Vawdrey 6/12
Edith A Gregson 21
Maria Jones 43
Julia E Rhodes 24
Amy J Hinton 25
Thomas Fowles 24

1901 census, Areley Kings
Name Age
Daniel Vawdrey 49
Constance M Vawdrey 18
Eleanor Vawdrey 13
Agnes J Vawdrey 10
Ralph H Vawdrey 5
Edmund A Knor 53
Annie Hodges 37
Alma M Parrack 35
Ethel E Toyer 24

1911 census, Areley Kings Rectory, Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England
:Name Age
Daniel Vawdrey 59 clerk in holy orders Middlewich,Cheshire
Agnes Louisa Caroline Vawdrey 54 wife mar 30 years 6 children 6 living Areley Kings
Theodosia Vawdrey 26 daur Areley Kings
Eleanor Vawdrey 23 daur do
Agnes Joanna Vawdrey 20 daur do
Jane Sarah Mountford 32 rest servants
Jane Ward 24
Florence Sarah Hadwell 16

Daniel and Agnes had the following children:

+ 1126 F i Constance Mary Vawdrey
  1127 F ii Theodosia Vawdrey was born on 15 May 1884 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. She was christened on 13 Jul 1884 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. She died on 26 Oct 1977 in Mowbray Nursing Home,Victoria Road,Great Malvern,Worcestershire,England.

Theodosia Vawdrey of Mowbray Nursing Home,Victoria Road,Great Malvern,Worcs died 26 Oct 1977 Probate Birmingham 18 Jan 1978 30303 lbs 780300608L
  1128 F iii Eleanor Vawdrey was born in Sep 1887 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England.
  1129 F iv Agnes Joanna Vawdrey was born in Dec 1890 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. She died on 20 Nov 1984 in of 5 Winds,New Court Road,topsham,Devon,England.

Agnes Joanna Ashe of 5 Wnds, New Court Road,Topsham,Devon died 20 Nov 1984 Probate London 27 Feb 1985 109450 lbs 8551102663P
        Agnes married George Hamilton Ashe in Sep 1913 in Worcester,Worcestershire,England. George was born about 1880. He died on 29 Jun 1961 in of Gribblemead Colyton,Devon,England.

George Hamilton Ashe of Dribblemead,Colyton,Devon died 29 Jun 1961 Probate Exeter 15 Sep 1961 to Agnes Joanna Ashe widow effects 8586 lbs 6s 5d
  1130 M v Daniel Llewelyn Vawdrey was born on 16 Dec 1891 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. He died on 11 Jul 1979 in Worcester,Worcestershire,England.

Daniel Llewellyn Vawdrey of 7 The Hill Avenue,Worcester died 11 Jul 1979 Probate Birmingham 24 Oct 1979 65565 lbs 790312359V
  1131 M vi Ralph Hastings Vawdrey was born on 15 Dec 1895 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. He died in Mar 1970 in Exeter,Devon,England.

708. Henry John Parsons Hastings (Constance Penelope Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born on 6 Oct 1858 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. He was christened on 5 Dec 1858 in Areley Kings,Worcestershire,England. He died on 26 May 1925 in of thurgarton,Norfolk,England.

Henry John Parsons Hastings of Thurgarton Norfolk died 26 May 1925 Probate Norwich 12 oct 1925 to Charles Henry Hastings lieutenant H.M.Army,Eleanor Alice Evans wife of Shem Evans and Walter Renacre farmer effects 336 lbs 13s 9d

1901 census, Ely,St. Mary,Cambridgeshire
Name Age
Rose Hastings 33 head soldier's wife Norwich
Rose Hastings 15 daur Edinburgh
Charles Hastings 13 son Norwich
Nellie Hastings 12 daur Ballincollig, Ireland

Henry married Rosetta Keeble daughter of Robert Keeble on 18 Sep 1885 in Norwich,Norfolk,England. Rosetta was born in 1868 in Norwich,Norfolk,England.

They had the following children:

  1132 F i Rose Hastings was born in 1886 in Edinburgh,Scotland.
  1133 M ii Charles Henry Hastings was born in Jun 1887 in Norwich,Norfolk,England.

1911 census, British Army serving in India VIII k R 1 Hussars age 22 bornNorwich.
  1134 F iii Nellie Hastings was born in 1889 in Ballincollig,County Cork,Ireland.
  1135 F iv Kate Hastings was christened on 11 Oct 1892 in East Dereham,Norfolk,England. She died in Dec 1892 in East Dereham,Norfolk,England.
  1136 M v William Hastings was christened on 13 Oct 1892 in East Dereham,Norfolk,England. He died in Dec 1892 in East Dereham,Norfolk,England.

713. Herriette Powys Isaac (Charlotte Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Albrighton,Shropshire,England. She was christened on 12 Jul 1862 in Boningale,Shropshire,England. She died on 8 Dec 1956 in of the Vicarage,Bucknell,Shropshire,England.

Harriette Powys Woodhouse of The Vicarage Bucknell Shropshire widow died 8 Dec 1956 Probate Chester 6 Feb 1957 to the reverend Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse clerk effects 3107 lbs 4s 6d

Herriette married Reverend James Stanley Woodhouse in Sep 1884 in Shropshire,England. James was born in 1853 in Bloomsbury,Middlesex,England. He died on 4 Dec 1928 in Nottingham,Nottinghamshire,England.

the reverend James Stanley Woodhouse of the Vicarage,Bucknell,Shropshire, clerk died 4 dec 1928 Probate Shrewsbury 6 Feb to the reverend Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse clerk effects 10135 lbs 7s 11d

1891 census, Hendon,Middlesex
James Stanley Woodhouse Head M 38 London, England
Harriette P Woodhouse Wife F 28 Shropshire, England
Dora P Woodhouse Daughter F 5 Nottinghamshire, England
Bertha Woodhouse Daughter F 4 Nottinghamshire, England
Neville S Woodhouse Son M 3 Nottinghamshire, England
Mary O Woodhouse Daughter F 2 Nottinghamshire, England
Joyce W Woodhouse Daughter F 1 Middlesex, England
Agnes M Coleman Servant F 28 Hampstead, London, England
Mary J Rosser Servant F 16 Glamorganshire, England
England and Wales Census, 1891
Line Number 5
Citing this Record

1901 census, Cricklewood,Mdsx
Name Age
James S Woodhouse 48 head clergyman Bloomsbury
Harriett P Woodhouse 38 wife Albrighton
Dora P Woodhouse 15 daur Nottingham
Bertha Woodhouse 14 daur do
Mary O Woodhouse 12 daur do
Joyce W Woodhouse 11 daur Hendon, Mdsx
Wiffred A Woodhouse 9 son do
John L Woodhouse 8 son do
Harriett B Woodhouse 6 daur do
Francis R Woodhouse 3 son do
Sarah A Draper 22 servants
Mary A Grainger 21
Alice M Loveday 16

1911 census nr Vicarage,Bucknell,Salop, Radnor
James Stanley Woodhouse 58 married clergyman London, Mdsx
Harriette Powys Woodhouse 48 wife mar 26 years 13 children 11 living 2 dead Albrighton
Bertha Woodhouse 24 daur Nottingham
Joyce Whitman Woodhouse 21 daur Fricklewood, Mdsx
Charles Powys Woodhouse 8 son do
John Woodhouse 5 son do
Hilda Gertrude Brown 21 visitor Kendal,Westmoreland
Doris Eleanor Kate Lee 15
Alice Vangham 20
Winifred Lucas 30

James and Herriette had the following children:

  1137 F i Dora Powys Woodhouse was born in Sep 1885 in Nottingham,Nottinghamshire,England. She died on 8 Sep 1951 in of the Vicarage,Bucknell,Shropshire,England.

Dora Powys Woodhouse of The Vicarage Bucknell Shropshire spinster died 8 Sep 1951 Probate Oxford 1 Dec 1951 to the reverend Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse clerk and Joyce Whitemore Woodhouse spinster effects 7102 lbs 18s 5d
  1138 F ii Bertha Woodhouse was born in Dec 1886 in Nottingham,Nottinghamshire,England.
  1139 M iii Neville Stanley Woodhouse was born in Mar 1888 in Nottingham,Nottinghamshire,England. He died on 17 Apr 1922 in Dabli Darrah near Tank, India.

Neville Stanley Woodhouse of tank North West Frontier Province, India died 17 Apr 1922 at Dabli Darrah near Tank Probate london 21 Oct 1922 to Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse student effects 1419 lbs 10s 5d
  1140 F iv Mary Olive Woodhouse was born in Mar 1889 in Nottingham,Nottinghamshire,England.

went to Bombay India leaving London 13 Oct 1916
Mary Olive Woodhouse of Church Missionary Society,Zenana Mission, Meerut United Provinces, India and of The Vicarage Bucknell Shropshire spinster died 15 May 1958 at Palam Airport,New Delhi, India, Probate Chester 16 Sep 1958 to the reverend Prebendary Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse clerk and Francis Victor Reginald Woodhouse retired brigadier H.M. army Effects 8272 lbs in England
  1141 F v Joyce Whitmore Woodhouse was born in Jun 1890 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. She died on 20 Dec 1987 in of 15 Church Street, Church Stretton,Shropshire,England.

Joyce Whitmore Woodhouse of 15 Church St, Church Stretton Salop died 20 Dec 1987 Probate Liverpool 31 mar 1988 169550 lbs 8880500846Q
  1142 M vi reverend Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse was born on 24 Jun 1891 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. He died on 26 May 1976 in of 15 Church Street, Church Stretton,Shropshire,England.

Wilfrid Archer Woodhouse of 15 Church St., Church Stretton Salop died 26 May 1976 Probate Sheffield 17 Aug 1976 39830 lbs 763102337F
  1143 M vii John Leslie Woodhouse was born on 27 Aug 1892 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. He was christened on 8 Oct 1892 in Cricklewood St. Peter,Barnet,Middlesex,England.
  1144 F viii Harriette Barbara Woodhouse was born on 21 Sep 1894 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. She was christened on 17 Nov 1894 in Cricklewood St Peter, Barnet, England. She died on 10 Jul 1986 in Hendon,Middlesex,England.

Harriette Barbara of Regent House, 21 church Rd, Stanmore Middlesex, died 10 Jul 1986 Probate Brighton 28 Nov 1986 284351 lbs 8651318243D
  1145 F ix Edith Janet Woodhouse was born in Jun 1896 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. She died in Jun 1896 in Hendon,Middlesex,England.
  1146 M x Francis Victor Reginald Woodhouse was born on 19 Jun 1897 in St. Peters Vicarage,Crickwood,Middlesex,England. He was christened on 17 Aug 1897 in St. Peters Vicarage,Crickwood,Middlesex,England. He died on 8 Mar 1987 in of Caradoc Orchard,Watling St.. North Church Stretton,Shropshire,England.

Francis Victor Reginald Woodhouse of Caadoc Orchard, Watling St.,North, church Stretton,Salop died 8 Mar 1987 Probate Liverpool 20 May 1987 NX 40000 lbs 8780501306K
        Francis married Enid Joyce Marguerite Steele daughter of St. George Loftus Steele and Alice Helen on 20 Nov 1924 in Abbottabad,Bengal,India. Enid was born on 30 Sep 1902 in ,,India. She was christened on 19 Nov 1902 in Nowshera,Bengal,India. She died on 29 Sep 1988 in of Caradoc Orchard,Watling St.. North Church Stretton,Shropshire,England.

Enid Joyce Marguerite Woodhouse of Caradoc Orchard,Watling St., North Church Stretton,Salop died 29 Sep 1988 Probate Liverpool 23 Mar 19989 179105 lbs 898500448C
  1147 F xi Eva Margaret Woodhouse was born in Mar 1900 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. She died in Mar 1900 in Hendon,Middlesex,England.
  1148 M xii Charles Powys Woodhouse was born on 14 Dec 1902 in Hendon,Middlesex,England. He was christened on 19 Jan 1903 in Cricklewood St Peter, Barnet, England. He died in May 1997 in oxford,Oxfordshire,England.
  1149 F xiii Joan Woodhouse was born in Dec 1905 in Hendon,Middlesex,England.

722. Sophie Beatrice Best (James Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Mar 1863 in Beckford, Worcestershire, England.

Sophie married Montagu Charles Harry Taylor in Jun 1884 in Westminster district,London,England. Montagu died on 16 Mar 1921 in of Shelsley House,upper colwall,Herefordshire,England.

Montagu Charles Henry Taylor of Shelsley House, Upper Colwall, Herefordshire died 16 Mar 1921 Probate London 3 Nov 1921 to Sophie Beatrice Taylor widow and James Henry Wakebest and Denis Best gentlemen Effects 7912 lbs 8s 4d

1911 census,Martley,Worcestershire,England
Sophie Beatrice Taylor born 1863 age 48
Claud M. Taylor born 1886 age 25
Irene Taylor born 1890 age 21

Montagu and Sophie had the following children:

  1150 M i Claude Montague Taylor was born in 1886 in Martley,Worcestershire,England. He died on 10 Aug 1976 in of compton Lodge,Cribbs Causeway,Westbury on Trym,Gloucestershire,England.

Claude Montague of Compton Lodge Cribbs Causeway, Westbury on Trym,Bristol died 10 aug 1976 Probate Bristol 9 Nov 1977 10812 lbs 770706373L
  1151 F ii Irene Beatrice Taylor was born in Dec 1889 in Martley,Worcestershire,England.

723. James Henry Wakeman Best (James Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Mar 1864 in Tenbury, Worcestershire, England. He died on 3 May 1952 in Sherridge Lodge,Sherridge,Worcestershire,England.

James Henry Wakeman Best of Sherridge Lodge near Malvern Worcestershire died 3 may 1952 Probate Birmingham 18 July to James Edward Best captain R.N., Christopher Paget Norbury farmer and Charles Lawson Whatley solicitor Effects 36461 lbs 10s 8d

1. 1881 census at Clifton College, 28 College Rd, Clifton,Glouces
FHL#1341598 fol 30 p 55
James H.W. Best age 17 boarder & scholar Tenbury,Worcs
2. 1901 census, Suckley
James Best, age 37, born Rochford,Worcs, farmer
Rosa Best, age 34, born Winsford,Cheshire
Violet Best, age 4, born Suckley,Worcs
Florence Best, age 2, born Suckley,Worcs
3. 1911 census, Martley,Worcestershire
Doris Best born 1903 age 8
James Edward Best born 1905 age 6

1911 census, Over,Cheshire,England
Household Members:
Name Age
Edward Woodyatt 80
Florence Woodyatt 51
Bernard Hale Woodyatt 41
Rosa Louisa Best 44
Edith Beatrice Woodyatt 37
Gwendolen Woodyatt 5
Mabel M B Dean 38
Jane Yoxall 33
Julia Gaster 28

James married Rosa Louisa Woodyatt daughter of Reverend Edward Woodyatt and Rosa Charlotta Yeoman in 1895 in Saint John,Over,Cheshire,England. Rosa was born in Dec 1866 in Over, Cheshire, England. She died on 1 Jun 1949 in Rob Roy Nursing Home,Great Malvern,Worcestesrhire,England.

Rosa Louisa Best of Sherridge Lodge, Sherridge,Worcestershire,England, wife of James Henry Wakeman Best died 1 Jun 1949 at Rob Roy Nursing Home,Malvern,Admin Birmingham 2 Aug 1949 to the said James Henry Wakeman Best retired fruit grower and Violet Rosalie Swainson wife of Lawrence Swainson Effects 4179 lbs 16s 2d

1. civ reg births 1866-4, Northwich
2. 1901 census Suckley
Rosa Best, age 34, Winsford,Cheshire

James and Rosa had the following children:

  1152 F i Violet Rosalie Best is printed as #1064.
  1153 M ii James Best is printed as #1065.
  1154 F iii Florence Beatrice Best is printed as #1066.
  1155 F iv Doris May Best is printed as #1067.
  1156 M v James Edward Best is printed as #1068.

725. Gerald Douglas Best (James Best , Eleanor Woodyatt , George , George , John , John , George , Thomas , John , Richard , Richard ) was born in Jun 1872 in Beckford, Worcestershire, England.

1901 census, Tutnall & Cobley Entire
Gerald Best, age 29, born Rochford,Worcs, farmer
1911 census, Hereford,Herefordshire,England
Gerald Douglas Best born 1872 age 39
Louisa Mary Best born 1870 age 41
Reginald Alec Best born 1904 age 7

Gerald married Louisa Mary Colley in Jun 1895 in Bridgnorth district,Shropshire,England. Louisa was born in 1870 in Bridgnorth,Shropshire,England.

They had the following children:

  1157 M i Douglas Colley Best was born in Jun 1896 in Tardebigge,Worcestershire,England.
  1158 M ii Reginald Alec Best was born in Mar 1904 in Bromsgrove district,Worcestershire,England.

possibly married Mary E. Lewis at Yeovil, June Qtr 1924.
+ 1159 F iii Eve Best

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